10 Ideas On How To Retain Your Clients

As a coach, clients don’t grow on trees. Keeping the ones you have is crucial for creating a profitable business. This article is the second part of an article series about customer retention. In the first part, we gave you five reasons why you could be losing your...

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Kisakallion, Koripalloliiton ja Coach4Pron yhteinen pilotti

Kisakallion, Koripalloliiton ja Coach4Pron yhteinen pilotti. Coach4Pro, Kisakallio ja Koripalloliitto aloittivat yhdessä WU16 yläkoululeiritiimin kanssa pilotin, jonka tavoitteena on tukea nuoria lahjakkaita urheilijoita urheilijaelämään oppimisessa.  Pilotin aikana...

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5 Reasons Why You Lose Clients And How To Solve It

The easiest way to grow your customer base is to not lose any customers. I know, pretty obvious, right? Still it’s so easy to just focus on new possible customers and take the ones you already have for granted. The importance of holding on to your current customers...

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