Vaste helps clients to recover from type 2 diabetes

Vaste helps clients to recover from type 2 diabetes

During the last two decades type 2 diabetes has become one of the most common diseases in Finland. Previously it has been classified as a chronic disease, meaning it can not be cured.

The underlying factor is insulin resistance, which means that the body does not react normally to the insulin hormone. Furthermore this causes the blood glucose levels to increase.

Typically type 2 diabetes is kept in control by taking medicine that lowers the blood sugar. However, recent research indicates that the body’s ability to react properly to insulin can be recovered even after a long period of sickness.

Interview of Maiju and Tuomas Javanainen, Founders of Vaste

Maiju and Tuomas Javanainen are the Founders of Vaste Ltd. They both have a University background. Maiju’s discipline is pharmacy and Tuomas is doing research in biochemistry. The Vaste model is based on the research done by Tuomas.

– We both have our hands on clay, meaning we are daily in contact with our clients. Maiju also takes care of the medical safety of the clients, ensuring that the change in habits takes place in a safely manner, Tuomas tells.

Vaste is specialised in curing type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndromes.

– We prepare a personal plan for each and every client. The plan is based on blood tests done prior to the start. Based on these tests we evaluate the initial state of the client. Naturally, we take into account possible other diseases as well as their personal life situation.

– Our goal is remission, meaning recovering the insulin sensitivity of the client. This means that the client gets rid of the insulin medication, which can be seen from the HbA1c-levels.

picture of Maiju and TuomasFounders Maiju and Tuomas Javanainen, Vaste Ltd. Photo, Juha Rimpeläinen.

Currently clients are paying for the service by themselves.

– Our goal is that our model would be recognised and considered as a basic method in national healthcare, producing cost savings in public healthcare and at the same time improving the everyday life of diabetes patients, Tuomas underlines.


Costs beared by the society

The costs of diabetes for the society have been steadily increasing. In year 2011 alone, diabetes stood for nine percent of the total healthcare costs. The average cost of diabetes is 5700€ per client per year, when we take into account other diseases connected to diabetes.

Research group lead by Professor Janne Martikainen (University of eastern Finland) published a report of possible cost savings that can be achieved by preventive actions in type 2 diabetes. In Finland alone, some 700 000 persons from age groups 40-80 years belong to the risk group of type 2 diabetes. The expected total lifetime costs for the society are almost nine billion euros. By doing lifestyle interventions, we could save between one and two billion euros (to give perspective to these figures, the population of Finland is just 5.5 million people).


What makes the service of Vaste so special?

– We are the only player in the market that offers this intensive and continuous follow-up connected to remote guidance. We are in touch with the client from five to six times per day. We are daily following certain biomarkers. Once per week also weight and waist circumference are recorded. Measurements are done by the client and reported through the Coach4Pro App to the instructor, Maiju explains.

– Clients can contact the instructor whenever they wish. As we have all the data and messages stored, the follow-up is easy. Fine-tuning of the program, support and intervention whenever needed is based on the continuous cumulative data. Interaction is of essence in this kind of service.

Vaste has a very high customer satisfaction.

– 94% of our clients would recommend the Vaste program for persons having metabolic diseases. On top of this, change in habits is sustainable, 88% of our clients continues to follow the habits learned during the intensive program after it has finished. Also the quality of life increases, wellbeing in the daily life is something our clients appreciate, Tuomas summarises.


The Coach4Pro platform

– The most important feature of the platform is its closed system and thus its data security. Secondly, we have access to history data, which enables us to analyse and develop our service.

– Also the built-in messaging system is great and the easiness of interaction and feedback giving has been made easy, Tuomas states.



– Our existence is based on our vision to help as many clients as possible to recover from type 2 diabetes and prevent the disease in advance. We have an obligation to tell that type 2 diabetes is not a chronic disease, but one can recover from it. We also want to promote the change in cure practices of metabolic diseases, Maiju says and continues,

– Our service is based on the effectiveness of our program. If a client has e.g. type 2 diabetes and joins and follows our program but does not recover, we refund the paid money.


Vaste website

Contact Tuomas Javanainen here. 

Löpcoachen Sverige: “My customers are now staying longer than before”

Löpcoachen Sverige: “My customers are now staying longer than before”


Individual coaching to everyone regardless of situation.


Challenging to efficiently deliver individual coaching at an affordable price.


Individual coaching is now easier to handle, which has allowed a larger client base.

Löpcoachen Sverige is a company offering personal running coaching online.

– We started our coaching as a running club, with several joint events every week. Quite fast we realised we had to change how we offered our coaching, says Jörgen Hallberg, owner of the company.

The challenge was to provide personal coaching for everyone regardless of their life situation.

– The truth is that only few people can commit to joint trainings every week. It makes individual coaching very challenging, says Jörgen and continues,

– We have offered online-coaching since 2017. We started with selling personal training programs on our website. That’s were it all began.

Löpcoachen Sveriges running coaching is always based on the client’s needs and wishes. Providing real personal coaching at an affordable price turned out to be a challenge. Löpcoachen needed to find a better way of working with the clients. A way that would be more efficient and time-saving for the coach.

– We realised we had to start using some online tool to make our work easier. Initially we thought about creating our own app, but when we got in contact with Coach4Pro we immediately felt it was the way to go. I can safely say that I’m happy we chose to use Coach4Pro instead, Jörgen states.

“Coach4Pro is perfect for individual coaching”

– The app really saves time for me as a coach. I’m now helping more people than before. And I help them regardless of my location. I’m not tied to a specific time and place anymore, but can do the coaching when it suits me.

From an economical point of view, Coach4Pro has been a great choice for Löpcoachen Sverige. The clients are now staying longer than before, and the drop-out rate is much lower. It also allows him to offer different kind of services depending on the situation.

– Clients can choose different levels of coaching. If they just want to use a general training program and get comments and feedback from me, the coaching is really affordable.

– After a while they might want to get personal coaching for half a year, and later go back to the cheaper general program again. There is always a solution, instead of fully leaving the coaching. This has helped me to serve my customers better regardless of their situation in life, Jörgen states.

Jörgen Hallbergs goal is to have 100 clients in Coach4Pro, of which 40 would be coached individually. He’s confident in reaching the goal in two years.

– Coaching in general is moving more and more online. The society is changing. People will be working more from home. They want to have access to coaching whenever and wherever they are. In the long run, having an online coaching tool like Coach4Pro is a necessity, Jörgen finishes.


Löpcoachen Sverige website

Kuortane Olympic Training Center – Experts in wellness coaching

Kuortane Olympic Training Center – Experts in wellness coaching


To provide personal wellness programs for each and every customer


Difficult to efficiently deliver personal coaching for large amounts of people 


Large scale personal coaching is now easier than ever

Solid foundation

Kuortane Olympic Training Center has for several decades offered well-being services for companies. Tero Viinamäki has worked with well-being services since 2015, being responsible for the services since 2017.

-Kuortane has a large pool of experts. The customers can trust that the services are based on the best know-how in the field, Tero explains.

– Being an Olympic Training Centre in Finland gives a credible reputation. The customers experience the services as good quality for the price. The programs are always individual and are meaningful and easy to access.


Tero Viinamäki has worked with Kuortane’s corporate well-being services since 2015.


Looking forward to the future

The most important target is to grow, which has been fulfilled for the last four years.

– The near future looks good, once we have passed through this COVID-19 period. We are looking for growth in Finland, expanding internationally is not in the scope yet. We need to offer our services nationwide, since a lot of our customers also operate nationwide. Another goal is to get more versatile well-being programs, Tero comments.

Remote coaching is turning out to be more and more important. The last five years has seen remarkable growth in web-based coaching and online services.

– We at Kuortane believe in a close relationship between coach and customer. This relationship is fundamental for being successful in coaching. I am convinced that also the communication between coach and customer will happen through different applications. Customers will still get guidance and encouragement from the coach, but the form is just different, Tero says and continues smiling,

– Maybe one day a hologram-coach will guide the customer in the gym!

Learnings from COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed how companies think about working remotely. Outside the capital area remote work has not been very popular. Many companies have thought that it does not suit them. COVID-19 has compelled many companies to work remotely.

– In our measurements we have observed that the stress-levels of people have diminished while working remotely. It seems that everyday life becomes easier, now that you do not have to worry about traveling to work. Employers who has had negative thoughts about remote work are now planning how to continue it after COVID-19.


The Kuortane wellness program “Omaksi Parhaaksi” (For your own good)


Kuortane and Coach4Pro

When talking about the co-operation with Coach4Pro, Tero has a clear view.

– The Coach4Pro benefits are best seen when implementing individual coaching. It’s now pretty easy for us to do versatile and personal programs for many people. Coaching is always individual. If we have 100 customers, we need 100 distinct plans. One size does not fit all, Tero points out and continues,

– With the help of Coach4Pro, individual remote coaching becomes possible. The customers feel that their program is special and that no-one else has a similar program. The coach is in your pocket, and tells you what to do. With the latest features of Coach4Pro, coaches will save a lot of time in routine tasks and they can concentrate on creating personal plans.
Our coaches like to use Coach4Pro. Usability is top notch, and creating programs is easy and fast. Lots of tasks can be automated, and the software is versatile, Tero states.

Final thoughts

– Four years ago we chose our philosophy to be individual coaching. We had really strong preconceptions on remote coaching, but this all has changed since we took Coach4Pro into use. We can still coach individually, and now even better than before. In fact it has strengthened our coaching philosophy in practice, Tero concludes.


Kuortane Olympic Training Center website

MKO Powertraining: “Coach4Pro has lowered the threshold of purchasing my services”

MKO Powertraining: “Coach4Pro has lowered the threshold of purchasing my services”


Turn his business into a comprehensive performance and health service company.


Handling the customers takes too much time, thus he is not able to scale up his company.


With the help of Coach4Pro, he’s now got a better insight of his coaching services, so focus can be on building his dream business.

MKO Powertraining is a coaching company run by Mikko Korpeinen. Mikko started the business 12 years ago.

– I started competing in powerlifting in 1997. As I got more successful and became more known in the sport, more and more people started asking for my help with their training, Mikko remembers.

– Back then I started to think that maybe I actually could make a living on this. I took a break from my job and gave coaching a chance. I have not regretted it.

Mikko has over the years built up an impressive coaching experience, and is known for his personal touch with all of his coaching services.

– I have always tried to make my coaching as personalised as possible. All clients are individuals, Mikko points out.

– Quality of the coaching is crucial. I believe that positive customer experience and the word of mouth has built the interest in my services.

Mikko’s goal is to turn MKO Powertraining into a comprehensive performance and health services company, which includes services like a gym, massage, nutrition and training advice as well as basic wellness services.

– The focus lies on the basics. Not trying to make things harder than what they need to be, and always with the customer in focus, Mikko states.

Mikko has found Coach4Pro to be an essential part of his services, and an enabler for his goal.

– Coach4Pro has made the communication and handling of the clients easier and faster. I have been able to make my services more professional and I’m now able to react faster to clients’ requests and needs, Mikko says.

– Coach4Pro has also helped to promote sales because it helps new customers to understand my services better and thus lower the threshold for purchase.

Coach4Pro has made Mikko’s daily life easier and less stressful.

– Now, for example, I can easily check the mobile app during the day, even during a short break, to see if there is anything that my customers need help with and I can provide answers right away. This reduces stress when you don’t have to worry about how your customers are doing, Mikko states.

Mikko is optimistic about the future together with Coach4Pro.

– Coach4Pro has helped me with my coaching business, and I have been able to give feedback on how the platform should work. I have now a better insight of my services and how to manage a larger number of customers. So I really see good potential for my business to grow with Coach4Pro.

MKO Powertraining website

Löpskolan increased their client capacity with over 30%

Löpskolan increased their client capacity with over 30%


Offer more people affordable and good quality online coaching


The time it took to handle the clients drove pricing up and quality down


After three months they increased their client capasity by over 30%

Rafael from Löpskolan

The Swedish company Löpskolan, with Rafael Askros as CEO and head coach, is a company that provides running coaching online all over Sweden. Since 2012, they have helped clients to become better runners.

Löpskolan believes in teaching and mentoring the client as an individual, and points out that there is no quick fix when it comes to training. The main focus with their coaching is to create an independent client, who can take care of his or hers training life without the need of any external coaching.

– To make ourself needless so to speak, says Rafael Askros.

– Back in 2012, we held a lot of running courses all around Sweden. Our coaching was mostly personal training face to face with the clients. Nowadays we do almost no face to face coaching, says Askros.

– We have chosen to work with online training for several reasons. When online training is done correctly, is becomes very cost-effective for both the client and us. We seldom meet the client, because there is no need for it. When there are activities that needs actual meetings and check-ups, such as running tests and analyses, we have good cooperations with professionals who does that part.


Löpskolans goal is to expand the business so that more people can enjoy coaching without it getting very pricy or suffer from low quality. They want to scale in such a pace, that they can control the client path and be sure that the quality of their services stays at a good level.

Askros realised that the goals he had put for his company were not going to be achieved without a change in the way they worked. They needed a software to handle the clients.


– We wanted to work with a software company that had the same aspiring ambitions and willingness to work as we had. Without the Coach4Pro platform we would not be able to serve our customers the way we want to.

– Coach4Pro has made it possible for us to expand our company and we are closer than ever to achieve our highly set goals. Thanks to Coach4Pro, we have been able to significantly reduce the time it took for us to plan and communicate with our clients. Earlier we had to use several different programs and channels with the clients, now we only use one!

– Since we started using Coach4Pro, we have noticed that the risk of making a mistake, for example allocating the wrong training to the wrong client, has been reduced. This is thanks to the Coach4Pro interface, which makes it easy to get a nice overview of all the clients and the content.

– We have been able to serve approximately 30% more clients since taking Coach4Pro in use, and after we have clarified and standardised the way we work, we are looking at bigger numbers for sure, says Askros.

– We at Coach4Pro are happy about our well-functioned cooperation with Löpskolan. They are looking at a great future, a future that we get to be a part of, says Linus Nynäs, Account Manager at Coach4Pro.


Löpskolan website

Ironcoach: “Without Coach4Pro I wouldn’t be able to offer the kind of online coaching I know my clients want and deserve.”

Ironcoach: “Without Coach4Pro I wouldn’t be able to offer the kind of online coaching I know my clients want and deserve.”


Offer high quality coaching to more people


Lack of a professional online coaching platfrom prevented him from taking on more clients


With Coach4Pro Ironcoach was able to raise the client quantity by over 66%

Ironcoach is a company that offers triathlon coaching online. Christian Malmström, owner of the company, has been helping his clients train and compete since 2012.

Ironcoach’s typical client is a busy beginner.

– Some clients have never run a triathlon or marathon before, while others have tried it out but haven’t had a coach, says Christian Malmström.

– What combines all the clients is that they usually are quite busy. Most of them have a family and a full time job. Their goal is to get as good as possible with the little time they have.

Christian’s coaching is not only about improving the physical condition, but also about overcoming mental challenges.

– I want my clients to understand that the race they are preparing for is not the only goal they should have. I want them to develop both the mind and the body and that they become stronger human beings. I hope to share this in a joyful way to my clients, and that they share it onwards.

Christian first heard about Coach4Pro in the autumn of 2018.

– Coach4Pro got recommended to me so I decided to give it a shot. I had earlier tried TrainingPeaks, but it didn’t feel like the right fit for me and my business. So I got really excited about Coach4Pro.

The way Coach4Pro is built helps Christian to offer his coaching in a productive way.

– On a weekly basis, I put down roughly four to eight hours on Coach4Pro. During this time I have planned and analysed the training for all my clients. And they all have personal programs.

Christian’s goal for the upcoming season is to coach as many as 50 clients.

– Right now I have about 30 clients. Going from 30 to 50 won’t be a problem coaching wise. I know that I can effectively plan and handle this amount of people as long as I use Coach4Pro. Without Coach4Pro I wouldn’t be able to offer the kind of online coaching I know my clients want and deserve. 

At the Coach4Pro headquarter big smiles break out when Ironcoach is mentioned.

– Christian is a real professional when it comes to both coaching and running a business. We always develop the Coach4Pro platform from the feedback we get from our users, and Christian has played an important role in this during the last year. Hopefully we have been able to help him as well, says Linus Nynäs, the sales manager for Coach4Pro in Sweden. 

Ironcoach website