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“ We are ready to conquer the world” - Setting sail to an open market

An interview with Coach4Pro:s Mikko Koskela and Jukka Partinen about Market opportunities in professional coaching services.

-I have noticed how professional coaching services has been changing as an industry which will open up a big market for us soon, says the long time professional business and sailing coach and sales specialist, Jukka Partinen.
-Coaching services are the businesses of the future.

Mikko Koskela, CEO of Coach4Pro, agrees and states that it is time to set sail while the winds of change are blowing behind us. -Multifaceted sensory data and artificial intelligence will bring a new kind of efficiency to coaching and more individualised services. It is now possible to gather huge amounts of information about the athletes. And in addition to that, AI, artificial intelligence, can utilise this information to make deductions that can help coaches and athletes in unprecedented ways. Data can even be gathered and deductions made when the athlete isn’t physically present

Koskela and Partinen note that utilising data is already a big part of coaching around the world. But there hasn’t been any real big players yet on the global coaching business so the market is still fragmented as of now. So if you mean to stay at the peak of coaching or attempt to get there, now is the time to take a leap forward.

“Finland’s technological expertise will open doors all across the world”

-The coaching we have in Finland is remarkably high in quality. We’re also in the forefront of developing sports and wellness technology such as heart rate monitors and sports watches. Finland’s technological expertise will open doors all across the world and we want to be a part of this advancement, says Koskela.

Partinen and Koskela have been discussing how to turn this know-how into a business. Due to a lack of resources, coaches are forced to work with a smaller customer base than they would like to. Koskela believes to have come up with a solution and is now searching for coaching service entrepreneurs who have will and the know-how to build the future’s operating model together.

Jukka Partinen predicts that the first markets will open up in the sports which have a large number of adult athletes or sports in which you practise alone or in small groups e.g. cycling, triathlon and running. Naturally a requirement for the sport is that you are able to gather information with a vast array of sensors and smart devices to one system for the analysis.

“Picking out the vital information and acting accordingly to it will be the coaches job”

-The flood of information coming from the sensors and devices is to be analysed and used for correct decisions. So picking out the vital information and acting accordingly to it will be the coaches job. The clients will want a personalised service available to them anytime and anywhere. Providing this kind of service will be hard without new systems and service integration, Partinen continues.

The solution

With decades worth of experience working in the specialist and service business on an international scale, Mikko Koskela has built Coach4Pro on the philosophy that the athlete is at the core of the system. -We have created a platform around the athlete so that service providers can share their coaching and expertise in one safe and secure place. Our platform is already being used by coaching professionals in both wellness and sports.

The platform has a vast array of services available built with the athlete in focus, such as: individual sport coaching, personal trainers, mental coaching, physical therapy and other sports medicine services, nutritional services, mechanical services, logistical services and a lot of other services that an athlete will need to excel.

-We have also developed leadership and management services to support coaches. And like in many countries the coaches might be entrepreneurs, Koskela says.

The coaching service platform has been built so that all actions needed to run a coaching business - including money transactions - are covered by the system.

In the system, specialists and service providers can produce content efficiently, automate parts of their work, protect their copyrighted programs and services, and sell these programs and services to the end users. This platform allows coaching service companies to flourish and grow while at the same time maintaining the productivity and service quality.

-The ship is about to set sail and we hope that Finnish coaches will jump on board to take over the world!

If you have any questions about Coach4Pro & how we can help in your service business, please take contact us!

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