"New version of Coach4pro has been released” - An interview about updates with Petteri Salmi and Lauri Lönnblad

PC screen

You might have seen a message saying that a new update has been done. But what does that really mean? In this short interview we will go through the process of updating with the Chief engineers Petteri Salmi and Lauri Lönnblad, who are responsible for software testing and customer support.

How often do you update something?
This depends on what we are working on. When we make updates every week, it is more about small bugs, says Lauri Lönnblad. Bigger updates are done once or twice a month. Those updates often require several weeks of work before we even can start the test phase, says Petteri Salmi.

What happens before an update is released?
It all starts with an idea or a problem. There can be an improvement proposal from a customer or it can be something that we at the office think will help our customers in their daily job, says Petteri Salmi. After this we sit down and start to plan. When we have a fairly good idea of what we need to do, we get to work and start the development phase. When the update is almost done, we start testing it, says Lauri Lönnblad. After the tests we usually find something we need to correct. Then we test it again. When the testing doesn’t show any problems, we release the update.

Why are updates important?
The program is never perfect, we always need to keep improving and create a better tool for our customers, says Petteri Salmi. Everything we do is for our customers. We want them to be able to be the best at what they do and to ease their work with our program. We make this possible by releasing good quality updates, says Lauri Lönnblad. Not all updates we do are visible to the customer. In our program we are dealing with over 200 applications and functionalities, and less than half of these are directly visible to the customer, says Petteri Salmi.

Why is that so?
A lot of the functionalities are dealing with management, service creation and safety. We also create new functions that will be available for the customers in the future, says Petteri Salmi.

Can you tell us more about these future functions?
Unfortunately not, but there are some great tools being developed currently that we will be publishing during the upcoming spring and summer, tools that we really think our customers will love, says Petteri Salmi.

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