How to increase the revenue of your coaching business? - 5 tips to digitalise your service

Many sports coaches are still using Excel or even just pen and paper when tracking their athletes performances. Budgets are usually tight, and the organisations may not have a technology-driven culture. Sports clubs, schools and centres can, however, adopt more effective solutions in monitoring in...

Emfit QS Sleep Tracker Integrated to Coach4Pro Coaching Platform

Emfit Logo

Coach4Pro has once again integrated a very significant complement to their coaching platform, which is the international Emfit QS sleep tracker. Emfit is already being used by a large number of international and Finnish top athletes. Through this integration Coach4Pro’s coaching platform is gai...

Press Release: Coach4Pro is the Finnish Coaches Association’s New Main Partner

Suomen Valmentajat & Coach4Pro

Press Release 26.1.2017

The Finnish Coaches Association (Suomen Valmentajat ry) and Coach4Pro, specialised in creating optimised digital services for professional sports coaching, have signed a cooperation contract.

According to the Finnish Coaches Association’s marketing concept the cont...

Press Release: Finnish Company Invests in Sport Technology – Coach4pro Aiming to World Top

Mikko Koskela

Mikko Koskela, CEO of Coach4Pro

Press Release

Finnish coaching and training technology forerunner Coach4Pro participated in Smash, the pre-event of Slush, on Tuesday 29.11. Coach4Pro is a professional digital coaching service making use of the newest wireless data transfer technology,...

Sleep Your Way to the Top


Coach4Pro and Beddit have started a unique and significant collaboration, which greatly impacts coaching and training of athletes who aim to the top. This collaboration enables following of athletes’ progress also while they are sleeping and helps in decision-making in regards of their training...