The Coach4Pro KIHU Run Application Helps You Train Efficiently – Ville Sampolahti Uses Coach4Pro as a Tool for Coaching Runners

15-06-17 16:15 Coach4Pro

Ville Sampolahti, a student of sports and health sciences in Jyväskylä, coaches a running school in Jyväskylän Kenttäurheilijat sports club. The club is the biggest track and field club in Jyväskylä, and has gained nation-wide success.

The running school Sampolahti leads is a “high-level” running school, which Sampolahti compares to the relationship of a personal trainer and their client. A versatile training program is created for the runners, and they follow it under Sampolahti’s guidance. The Coach4Pro KIHU Run app is a good tool in the fast-paced trainings.

"I see the Coach4Pro app as an extremely easy and functional way to keep track of the trainings and development of the people I train", Sampolahti says.

Sampolahti, a cross-country skier with a well-rounded background in endurance sports, has been leading the high-level running school for a little less than a year. His usual clients are middle-aged motivated men and women who run regularly. Based on their fitness level, Sampolahti tailors a training program that includes strength exercises and all-around basic running training. Group runs are arranged according to the runners’ wishes and needs. They also keep in touch when needed. In the meantime, Sampolahti monitors their speed, the length of their runs, and recovery with the Coach4Pro KIHU Run app. He gives praise on how easy the platform is to use for the clients as well.

"You don’t necessarily need a separate heart rate belt or other devices to use the application. You open the app on your phone and start running. The GPS measures the runner’s route and the speed is recorded into the system where both the runner and I can monitor the situation", states Sampolahti.

Committed athletes train from 3 to 5 times a week, somewhat depending on their level. This means that there are a lot of trainings for the coach to keep track of. Sampolahti tells that you can also see the runners' improvement based on the collected data.

"When I see that it’s time to take the next step we arrange a meeting, go through trainings, and make a new program if the runner wants to."

You can also upload videos to the KIHU Run service so the clients can view movements and workouts.

Ville Sampolahti says he would not want to - or even be able to - coach any athlete solely on a remote basis. “Meetings are necessary for me to sense the feeling of the trainings and the technique of their movements. But since we can’t continuously arrange meetings, the Coach4Pro platform is an excellent and easy-to-use tool for all parties”, Sampolahti commends.

You can sign up for Sampolahti’s running school all year round through JKU. Sampolahti welcomes everyone who is interested in running, regardless of their fitness level.

"Your fitness level doesn’t matter as long as you are committed to the training. There is always time to improve", Sampolahti advises.

The KIHU Run service is directed to running school coaches. They can use it to coach and encourage their clients in practising endurance running. With the KIHU Run virtual coach clients can keep training on their own after the running school through a remote connection with their coach. The KIHU Run designs a training program with the coach’s help and reports how the client’s fitness level develops.

“We have developed the KIHU Run virtual coach to correspond to the needs of endurance running coaching today and in the future, so that it can be used by both running school coaches and clients throughout the world at an affordable price”, says Mikko Koskela, CEO of Coach4Pro.

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