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Coach4Pro Ltd. together with Research Institute for Olympic Sports- KIHU have developed a virtual running coach for endurance runners called KIHU Run. KIHU Run virtual coach is based on algorithms, which have been developed for training of endurance running and improving ones fitness level. KIHU Run can be used by anyone that trains endurance running, coaches of running schools as well as top athletes and those aiming to the top.

Behind the algorithms of KIHU Run stands one man- Ari Nummela, who himself actively trains endurance running. Nummela has a PhD in exercise philosophy, is the director of the department of biological sciences of the Research Institute of Olympic Sports and is the director of Sports Lab Jyväskylä.

The algorithms were born a long time ago, but the search for the right partner has taken its time.

-Originally the algorithms were born at the begin of the 2000s from a Tekes project and took around 2-3 years to finalize. I made the algorithms myself and Ville Vesterinen has produced the training diary models, Nummela tells.

Data for the algorithms has been collected from a number of different sources. Nummela tells that he has used modeling, research information, publications and own measurements to collect the needed data. Nummela also coaches his own training groups, whose test results, training periods and background information have been used in the creation of the algorithms.

Ari Nummela

Ari Nummela telling about the algorithms used in KIHU Run

The work that Nummela does is very unique globally. He does not know of any other similar jobs. Above all, the co-development of the training program interactivity is new and different.

-The fact that the virtual training program reacts to already completed trainings and makes future training plans accordingly is new and unheard of. It allows for remote coaching even from far away and away from ones coach, Nummela ponders.

Ari Nummela now rejoices that finally many years of work has been brought to use of coaches and athletes worldwide through Coach4Pro.

-We needed a suitable platform for the algorithms, that could efficiently utilize them and that they could be as widely used as possible. Even better, that the partner is Finnish and at the same time represents the top in sport technology, Ari Nummela tells.

Ari Nummela believes that in the future even the Olympic winners and world champions in endurance running will be part of this type of high-tech coaching and training.

-Technology will play an increasingly important part in professional sports coaching, Nummela believes.

The CEO of Coach4Pro, Mikko Koskela, is excited about the results of this co-operation. A virtual running coach complements the company’s range in a professional manner and in the right direction.

“We have developed KIHU Run virtual coach to meet the needs of long-distance running training today and in the future, so that running school coaches can utilize it all over the world at an affordable cost”, Mikko Koskela says.

The KIHU Run service is designed for coaches of running schools. It allows them to coach and encourage clients in endurance running training. The clients of the running schools can continue their training remotely with KIHU Run virtual coach even after the running school itself has ended and also keep in contact with their coach. KIHU Run plans a training program together with the coach and reports development towards set goals. Learn more: Coach4Pro KIHU Run

Do you want to hear more about how KIHU Run virtual coach can help the coaches at your running school? Contact: Peter Weissenberg (+35850 59 46 238) and learn more!