Kisakallio Health Skills helps Finns on the path to a better health

Goals Kisakallio wanted to help more companies and their employees to get a healthier and happier life by coaching them online.
Obstacles Coaching more people was not possible due to lack of time and resources.
Results With Coach4Pro, they are now able to help hundreds of people and promote health.

Kisakallio Sports Institute is a non-profit foundation which offers a wide variety of sports, activities, educational possibilities and excellent facilities for professional and amateur sports enthusiasts. Kisakallio Sports Institute has helped people exercise since 1949. Today Kisakallio Sports Institute is one of the biggest training and education center in Finland and Europe with 700 beds and almost 15 000 square meters of sport facilities.

Kisakallio has a lot of different clients, who want help with their way of living. The clients want information about exercise, recovery and nutrition. They want someone who can help them on all levels. Physically, mentally and socially.

Kisakallio believes that a healthy and efficient employee can make health-promoting choices also outside their working environment. Injuries and sick leaves significantly reduces work performance. Making changes in your everyday life starts from motivation.

- We have a large variety of customers who want to know how to make better choices in their everyday life for a healthier lifestyle. Typically, companies have large groups of employees participating in programs with different targets, and they all get instructed by experienced mentors, says one of Kisakallio’s leading experts, Aki-Matti Alanen.

-Oftentimes we divide them into smaller groups according to their personal targets and motivation. We build each person a personal wellbeing plan, where we focus on practical daily activities and issues that will make a big impact on the person’s health in the long term, Alanen points out.

Kisakallio’s customers gave feedback about the need of mentoring also between physical sessions. Kisakallio understood that the time it would take to handle mentoring the traditional way, like using email and phone, would make it impossible to be competitive and scale their business to the size they wanted. They needed a way to productively mentor large numbers of customers with various needs, without adventuring the quality of their services. They needed a different way to mentor the people who wanted their help.

Working together with Coach4Pro, Kisakallio redefined their service production process. They needed a platform to support the service delivery where they could share training plans and at the same time follow up on how their clients’ progression went. Enabling mentoring online between the physical sessions required a solution where communication was made easy and the steps of taking contact was low.

- Our customers can keep track of activities with the Coach4Pro platform, where they also have their personalised plans. This enables us to mentor very large groups, track their progress, and encourage them forward. Advices and answers to questions are available to all the members of the group, says Aki-Matti Alanen and continues,

- The projects are typically long, and they contain lots of information. We have found the right solution for our business in Coach4Pro. It enables us to serve hundreds of people and help them on the path to a better health, Alanen finishes.

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