Päivi improved her productivity and communication by using Coach4Pro with her clients

Goals Personalised training for clients in a more fast and secure way
Obstacles Creating personalised plans and communicating using multiple different tools did not allow client growth
Results With the help of Coach4Pro, she is now able to create personalised plans and communicate faster with more athletes

There is a significant demand for Triathlon coaching. It is my pleasure to see how enthusiastic people are to start a new sport even if they have a couple of years behind them.

Right now I have 15 people that I coach. On top of creating personalised training programs, monitoring and adjusting them is quite the task. Smooth communication with the athletes is critical. If there are any points that raise questions or if there is a need for change, for example because of injury, it’s easy and fast to address these through Coach4Pro.

Messaging small groups about future plans and other important information has also been made easy. All data and communication is in one secure system which makes everything easy to find. In coaching larger numbers of athletes, it is essential for the coaching tools to be at the top of their class.

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