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"Our coaching business ranges from competitive sports to corporate wellness and health. We needed a flexible solution for our business that would work not only now but also in the future. On top of that we needed a mobile application that would function under our own brand. Coach4Pro has provided us with that solution.”

Irina Keinänen, Specialist of Digitalisation, Kisakallio

Raise productivity and push your results

Our coaching tools help your organisation to save time and enables it to handle more clients without compromising in service quality. If needed, our experts can also help you optimise your service business even further.

Stay on top of your business

Coach4Pro helps you to maintain a high standard in coaching while enabling organisation expansion. Thanks to our platform’s user interface, you constantly have a clear overview on the performance of your coaches and services.

Stand out and stay competitive

Our platform can be tuned to your brand with your own mobile application. The platforms flexibility also allows you to customize it to suit your present and future needs.

Customisable for your business

Here's how...

Your service process

We help to review your current process and define the optimum one.

Build Content

Create exercises, training events and instructions that are ready to be used when you need it.

Set up service automation tools

We configure the platform to support your business. The service automation tools helps you to automate routine tasks

Activate Your Customers

Manage your customer sign-in and make your customer activation process effortless. We’ll take care of data security and service contracts for you.


Do your customer billing directly or let us do it for you which ever way is more convenient for you.

Start Your Coaching

Create personalised programs for your clients with your already made content. Follow the progress of teams and individuals. Adjust as needed.

Build Relationships

Comment on events. View customer subjective evaluation and questionaries and get objective data. Send your clients a message or pre-create one to auto-send later.

Continue Selling To Happy Customers

Keep your customers happy with the easy to use mobile app. Give them a coach experience that they will never want to stop using.

Easy to take in use

With our activation support you can deploy your solution fast and efficient for your organisation. The easy to use platform ensures fast deployment


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“Coach4Pro is built for the coaching business. Since 2009 we have been working to deploy our mission Building A Healthier Society trough personal coaching. As launch of our 4th generation platform, we are providing the best tools for the coaching industry. We aim to help more people enjoy better performance and health” Mikko Koskela, CEO, Coach4Pro

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Trial is free of charge. No credit card required. Your details will not be shared, sold or rented to third parties.

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