Seamless integrations provide all needed data in one system!

Easy Planning of Training Programs

The system automatically creates a personalized training program based on the input personal details and targets of the client. The training program then adapts the program on the basis of carried out exercises.

Continuous Communication and Feedback

The coach and trainee have a continues communication channel through the system through personal self-assessment and feedback, real-time commenting of ongoing exercises as well as messaging.


Time-saving Follow-up and Reporting of Results

All the trainees’ training data is automatically collected with the mobile application. Their coach can then follow-up on all the trainees’ results and reports from on easy to use system.

Team Management

The coach can freely create different training groups to, share different training instructions to different groups, invite groups to different trainings as well as to monitor participation numbers for trainings.

Coach4Pro KIHU Run is based on Finland’s Research Institute for Olympic Sports’ (KIHU) and the European Athletics´ (EA) rewarded algorithms for endurance running planning and monitoring of development of ones fitness.

Ari Nummela KIHU & Sports Lab Jyväskylä

Coach4Pro speeds up and clarifies coaching, as all needed information is stored in one place, especially the training programs and training diaries. Also the coach gets immediate analysis of executed exercises. The mobile application is also very useful in remote coaching.

Ville Sampolahti Coach- Jyväskylän Kenttäurheilijat

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