Cooperation between Coach4Pro and Vörå idrottsgymnasium

Coach4Pro and the Vörå high school of sports have begun an cooperation regarding the Coach4Pro platform.

"Together with my coaching colleagues we’ll use Coach4Pro’s platform with sports students within skiing and track and field. We are looking to digitalise some of our coaching work", says Roland Villför, ski coach from Vörå high school of sports.

"We want to use a platform that will help both us the coaches, but specifically the athletes. Getting this project started is a big step towards getting more productive and offering our coaching online, regardless of the location of the athlete. We will also be able to handle all necessary information at one place, which creates a good base to stand on", says Villför.

"We are very pleased to work with these talented coaches. We hope to provide exactly the platform they need to further develop their coaching. We will also get great feedback from the athletes, who are amongst the top of their age groups in Finland", says Linus Nynäs, Key Account Manager at Coach4Pro.