Cooperation between Coach4Pro, Kisakallio Sports Institute and the Finnish Basketball Association.

Coach4Pro, Kisakallio Sports Institute and the Finnish Basketball Association have started a pilot with the WU16 yläkoululeiritys Team. The target with the pilot is to support young talented athletes to learn about the life as an athlete.

During the pilot, the athletes will report about their training and recovery and at the same time receive guidance and support from the junior national team’s coaching team through the Coach4Pro application.

We used to collect information with the help of Google sheet, but that wasn’t the best solution for the players. Collecting information through one’s smartphone is the most natural way of working, and gives a comprehensive view about the player’s training and recovery for the coaches. Coach4Pro is offering a solution where we easily can support our players to continue to develop as athletes also after the national team gatherings have ended.” Says Team WU16 Basketball coach Ilkka Palviainen.

Kisakallio continuously improves the work with the yläkoululeiritys. We are trying to offer the best surroundings for the sport federations. Young people’s activeness and the growth as an athlete is an important part of Kisakallio’s mission. We have noticed, that we can improve the effectiveness of the yläkoululeiritys if we in between the camps provide the possibility to follow up on the training progress.” Says Kisakallio’s chief of coaching Kari Seppänen, who’s responsible for Kisakallio’s yläkoululeiritys.

Long-lasting and professional coaching has made Finland one of the leading countries in European basketball. It’s a real delight to have a cooperation with the Finnish Basketball Association and Kisakallio Sports Institute and be able to support the promising young players in their careers” Says Coach4Pro’s CEO, Mikko Koskela.