New version of Coach4Pro iOS application has been released

First we updated the Android version, and now it is IOS’ turn. What's new in version 2.8.6:

  • Now you can view statistics reports from yourself, your team and people that has granted you permissions.
  • Team and User views have been redesigned.
  • We have now a new edit button to modify your pictures...

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Android release

Our coders have been working hard lately; we just released our new Android version v3.5.0! It includes some fresh features, now the user is able to see comprehensive team, user and group statistics reports also on her/his phone. In addition, the team, user and group interfaces have been renewed whic...

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Young energy to the Sales and Marketing team!

Coach4Pro’s lineup gets two new members as Linus Nynäs and Katja Hakala join the company’s sales and marketing team. Swedish speaking Linus studied Sports and Health Promotion at Arcada University of applied sciences. “After my studies I wanted to work with a firm that offers quality coaching...

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Coach4Pro is now on YouTube!

New at using Coach4Pro? Interested in how to get started? Want to utilize new features of Coach4Pro? Interested in how the system works? Get instructions on how to use Coach4Pro from our Youtube-channel and subscribe to be the first to see the newest updates!
Coach4Pro's YouTube channel

Coach4Pro and Research Institute for Olympic Sports KIHU Proudly Present: New KIHU Run Virtual Coach for Running Schools and Endurance Runners

Coach4Pro Ltd. has developed a new KIHU Run virtual coach for running schools and endurance runners in collaboration with the Research Institute for Olympic Sports KIHU. KIHU Run virtual coach is based on the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) award-winning algorithms dev...

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