Seamless integrations provide all needed data in one system!

With Coach4Pro Sailing you can for instance:


Set targets, plan trainings, create season plans, create training programs and create meal plans with desired precision.


Execute planned activities utilizing the ease of the mobile interface with automated data collection.



Follow-up on athletes’/teams’ executed activities by checking reports as well as give feedback and communicate with messaging and voice comments.


Learn from follow-up to make decisions to adjust plans for better results.

Sailing Specific Features

Specifically for sailing coaching and training Coach4Pro Sailing provides the following features:


Tracking of your sailing exercises and training performance. Key performance metrics include distance, duration, tacking, average boat speed, boat trail and VMG/VMC and can be viewed and analyzed during and after exercises.

Visual Summaries

Easy understanding of your sailing exercises as they are summarised and graphically illustrated, covering key performance metrics, conditions mapping, equipment set up, trim & sets and tactics & maneuvers.


Tracking for both single and multi boat exercises, with the opportunity to compare the individual results across team members and boats.


Context for your sailing exercises, as the service allows you to define the conditions, including wind, wave, currents and weather conditions that were present during your training. You can also document the equipment which is being used in each exercise, including boat, mast, main and jib specifications.

Immediate Rating

Possibility of rating each individual exercise and how you felt immediately after completing them.

Current Measurements- *Extension*

Extension possibility: making current measurements (also as a team) and creating current maps based on the measurements. These current maps can then be shared with others.

With Coach4Pro, communication and content sharing with the coach and R&D teams back home is made easy, even though we are training on the other side of the planet. The service saves me time and effort when all necessary measurement and documentation takes place automatically, and when the self-evaluation can be done directly via the mobile phone based on fresh memory from the exercise.

Tapio Nirkko Finn Class Olympic Sailor

Sailing is a sport, where there is a lot of international demand for a service such as Coach4Pro. Up until now, the use of such tailored solutions has been very expensive and available only in limited occasions.

Jukka Partinen Professional Sailing Coach

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