Extended DISC

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The Extended DISC profiles have for instance been used by the Finnish National teams in Basketball and Volleyball, the Finnish Olympic Sailing team and Professional cycling teams.

DISC Deep Dive

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The Mentor - Jukka Partinen

Jukka Partinen is the professional coach who’s specialised in coaching the athlete in a holistic way, with a strong focus on getting the athlete to understand and guide himself during every aspect of the athletes career. He has developed Extended DISC tools for training individual and skill sports, as well for coach teams and whole organisations. Partinen has been guiding coaches and coach teams for the Finnish olympic sailing team as well as professional cycling teams. Further on he has also worked as a mentor for sailing coaches. Besides the sports coaching he is also a highly thought of business coach and consultant for business leaders.


Deep Dive

Us against the worlds best

Understanding and utilising the differences in people

Stress factors and how to handle them

Deeper understanding of motivation

Operating environment analyses

Team and network analyses