5 Reasons Why You Lose Clients And How To Solve It

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A coach that doesn’t want to lose any clients.

The easiest way to grow your customer base is to not lose any customers.

I know, pretty obvious, right?

Still it’s so easy to just focus on new possible customers and take the ones you already have for granted. The importance of holding on to...

How To Provide Personal Coaching Online For Large Amounts Of People PART 2

This is the second part of this blog series. In the first part, we talked about what personal coaching is and why people want it. We also discussed how to manage time and how segmentation is done.

In this text, we will try to give you ideas on how you can decide your own segments as well as offe...

How To Provide Personal Coaching Online For Large Amounts Of People PART 1

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We’ve noticed that this question have come up more and more lately. This issue is almost never an easy task to solve, and for a coaching company that has personal coaching as one of the core values solving this is crucial if the company is aiming to scale their business.

In this series of blog t...

Me olemme valmiita valloittamaan maailman

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Valmennusyrittäjyys mahdollistaa ison liiketoiminnan -“Me olemme valmiita valloittamaan maailman”

Haastattelu Coach4Pron Mikko Koskelan ja Jukka Partisen kanssa, markkinoinnin mahdollisuuksista ammattimaisissa valmennuspalveluissa.

– Valmennuspalveluyrittäjyys on tulevaisuuden toimiala, sanoo...

Huomioita 25.05.2018 voimaan astuvan GDPR tietosuoja-asetuksen vaatimuksista


Tämä kuun lopulla voimaan astuva GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) tuo monia vaatimuksia henkilötiedon käsittelyyn, joita on huomioitava myös ammattimaisessa valmennusliiketoiminnassa. Tässä kirjoituksessa nostetaan esille muutamia keskeisiä asioita, joihin voimaan astuva tietosuojalain sä...