Clients come and go.
Our pricing understands that.

Pricing based on the number of your clients.

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How do I buy?

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Do you have discounts for larger companies?

Yes, if you have more than 100 clients per month. 

Can I as a coach pay for everything instead of my clients?

Yes. We will then calculate your number of clients per month and invoice you accordingly.

Can I charge my clients for my services through Coach4Pro?

Yes. We will then pay you your share every month.

Can I pay upfront for a certain amount of clients?

Yes, you might even get a discount!

The price for my service is very low, do my clients still need to pay 9,90€+VAT/month?

For services with a lower price than 33,30€/client/month, Coach4Pro charges per client 30% +VAT of your monthly service price.

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