Choose your pricing model.

Coach4Pro offers a pricing model tailored for you regardless of whether you are a single person entrepreneur or a bigger corporation.

In the Daily Pricing Model your client pays for the use of the platform. You will not have any fixed costs.

The Annual Pricing Model is fit for those who already know their client numbers in advance and want to buy more affordable platform subscriptions upfront.

Daily Pricing Model

0,33 € / Day / User (+ VAT)

Coach4Pro checks daily the amount of people signed into your service and charges monthly based on the agreed billing model.

Annual Pricing Model


In the Annual Pricing Model you pay upfront for a certain customer capacity when you start using the platform.

The calculator below will give you the annual price for the capacity you want to buy.

Input client amount:

Yearly price for customers would be:

Monthly price for every client over bought capacity:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I go over my bought capacity?

When your customer base grows bigger than your bought capacity you will start paying monthly for the part that goes over. 

What if I bought more capacity than I needed?

If you end up needing significantly less of the capacity than what you bought – don’t panic – you will be compensated for it in your next year’s pricing.

What are the billing models for the Daily Price Model?

a) Coach4Pro charges your clients for the use of the platform.

b) Coach4Pro charges you, the coach, for your clients total use of the platform.

c) You can charge your clients for your services and the platform price through Coach4Pro. Coach4Pro pays you back every month.

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