A unique platform that improves the productivity of health, wellness, and sport professionals.

Get productive

All essential coaching features in one place. 

Focus on what's important

Forget about the hassle of invoicing your clients. We can do it for you!

Improve your coaching

Customize the platform to suit you and your customers.

More than just an app.

Coach4Pro is a cloud-based platform.
Use it on your computer or tablet, and download the mobile application from the App store or Google Play.

picture of the Coach4Pro software in computer and mobile view

3 minute introduction video 


The Calendar

Stay up-to-date with your clients and teams.

– Look at your client’s or team’s calendar
– Create events and add content
– Team event participation (IN/OUT)

The Planner

The intuitive planner tool makes building plans easier than ever.

– Training, nutrition and messaging plans
– Drag and drop events to the plan
– Up to one year long plans
– User-friendly interface

The Messages

Don’t waste time searching for old messages between you and your clients from different services.

– One-on-one and group discussions
– Push notifications 
– Timed messages
– Announcements

The Reporting

View all of your client’s performance and activity data in one page.

– Sports, nutrition, and recovery reporting
– Individual and team reporting
– Compatible with Emfit, Garmin, Suunto, and Polar services
– Self-evaluation reports

The Teams & Connections

Use teams & Connections to make coaching groups, and individuals, easier and more efficient.

– Send messages to everyone at once
– View your clients’ profiles and reports
– Strenghten the coach-client relationship

The Library

Versatile content creation and management.

– A secure platform where the content you create is always in your control
– Create content yourself or in collaboration with others

The Shop

Add your services and products to the shop to make selling and buying your products easier. 

– Single purchases or monthly subscriptions
– Multiple billing possibilities

The Questionary

Stop guessing, just ask! Use the versatile questionary tool to activate your customers. 

– Opinion surveys
– Voting
– Result reporting

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