Who uses Coach4Pro?

Those who want to maximise their coaching. That’s who.

picture of the Coach4Pro software in computer and mobile view
smiling young woman with personal trainer in gym

Personal trainers and coaching companies

Connect with your clients online with the Coach4Pro platform. As a coach you decide what features you want to use, the full-on-experience or the keep-it-simple solution. The mobile app gives your clients easy access to their training and your coaching.

With Coach4Pro, online coaching becomes more cost efficient for both you and your clients. Win-Win.

Preventive healthcare providers

It’s a real challenge to run preventive healthcare that’s cost effective but at the same time personal and motivating for the individual.

The Coach4Pro platform allows healthcare professionals to cut down and speed up on their routine tasks to serve more clients. The platform helps health workers to recognise client needs, and communication through the App is effortless and time saving.

With Coach4Pro, healthcare pros can manage hundreds of clients real time.

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Corporate wellness providers

Thanks to the large automation possibilities inside the Coach4Pro platform, corporate health and wellness coaching providers are now able to offer their services to a larger variety of customers.

You can easily handle both individual and group coaching, to make sure you have coaching services for all kinds of needs.

The dialogue and effectiveness between coach and client have been improved on in all corporate wellness projects using Coach4Pro. Participants have reported on getting clear benefits from the use of the mobile app.

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