Turn his business into a comprehensive performance and health service company.


Handling the customers takes too much time, thus he is not able to scale up his company.


With the help of Coach4Pro, he’s now got a better insight of his coaching services, so focus can be on building his dream business.

MKO Powertraining is a coaching company run by Mikko Korpeinen. Mikko started the business 12 years ago.

– I started competing in powerlifting in 1997. As I got more successful and became more known in the sport, more and more people started asking for my help with their training, Mikko remembers.

– Back then I started to think that maybe I actually could make a living on this. I took a break from my job and gave coaching a chance. I have not regretted it.

Mikko has over the years built up an impressive coaching experience, and is known for his personal touch with all of his coaching services.

– I have always tried to make my coaching as personalised as possible. All clients are individuals, Mikko points out.

– Quality of the coaching is crucial. I believe that positive customer experience and the word of mouth has built the interest in my services.

Mikko’s goal is to turn MKO Powertraining into a comprehensive performance and health services company, which includes services like a gym, massage, nutrition and training advice as well as basic wellness services.

– The focus lies on the basics. Not trying to make things harder than what they need to be, and always with the customer in focus, Mikko states.

Mikko has found Coach4Pro to be an essential part of his services, and an enabler for his goal.

– Coach4Pro has made the communication and handling of the clients easier and faster. I have been able to make my services more professional and I’m now able to react faster to clients’ requests and needs, Mikko says.

– Coach4Pro has also helped to promote sales because it helps new customers to understand my services better and thus lower the threshold for purchase.

Coach4Pro has made Mikko’s daily life easier and less stressful.

– Now, for example, I can easily check the mobile app during the day, even during a short break, to see if there is anything that my customers need help with and I can provide answers right away. This reduces stress when you don’t have to worry about how your customers are doing, Mikko states.

Mikko is optimistic about the future together with Coach4Pro.

– Coach4Pro has helped me with my coaching business, and I have been able to give feedback on how the platform should work. I have now a better insight of my services and how to manage a larger number of customers. So I really see good potential for my business to grow with Coach4Pro.

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