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Our customisable platform enables coaches and wellness professionals guide more people to a healthier lifestyle.

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What can Coach4Pro be used for?

Preventive Healthcare

Use your limited resources to serve and help more clients.
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Corporate Wellness

Scale services to companies of all sizes while maintaining quality.
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Personal Training and Coaching

Create reusable program templates and manage your business online.

Research and Science

Access a single platform that can help collect multiple types of data for your studies.


What is Coach4Pro?

  • Coach4Pro is a platform for online coaching and mentoring.
  • Plan, create and execute your services and follow your clients’ progress regardless of time and place.
  • Coach4Pro makes managing your online business easy, even with a large number of clients.

Why use Coach4Pro?

    • Easy for clients to use
    • Free for coaches to use
    • Proven results

Coach4Pro Explained.

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A single platform for your entire wellness business

Coach4Pro:n valmennusohjelmisto, sekä tietokone että mobiili

What our clients say

“Our coaching services include everything from elite sports to health and wellness coaching. Coach4Pro has been the solution for us.”

Irina Keinänen

Digitalisation Specialist, Kisakallio

“Coach4Pro allows us to implement our own service packages for different target groups. We can use ready-made content or create our own.”

Anton Ahonen

Sports Manager, City of Vantaa

 “Without Coach4Pro I wouldn’t be able to offer the kind of online coaching I know my clients want and deserve.”

Christian Malmström

Triathlon Coach, Ironcoach

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