Cost Efficient and Effective Solution to Improve of Productivity and Wellbeing at work

Solution to Deliver the Right Support When It Matters Most

Why Coach4Pro Productivity and Wellbeing Solution?

Work is undergoing continuous change

Learning and adapting require resources from individuals as well as the organization.

Employees have different needs at different times

The effective solution needs to provide a wide range of wellbeing service to address individual needs.

Wellbeing is not a one time effort or an annual event

Wellbeing is created during everyday work. Employees and management need to have access to support regardless of time and place.

Reach Peak Performance: Tailored Wellness Solutions for Your Team

Targeted Welbeing Programs

Categorized services for effective management, lifestyle balance, and a positive work culture.

On-Demand Activation

Empower employees to choose services that suit them, regardless of time and location.

Tailor your journey

Choose from self-service, group coaching, or individual coaching to meet unique needs.

User-Friendly Platform

Easy-to-use software that allows seamless service activation and robust security.

Transparent and verifiable

On line visibility for usage of services and verifiable results while respecting employee privacy.

Your data, your choice

Our corporate wellbeing software is a closed system, safeguarding your privacy and security.

Create Data Driven Wellbeing Culture

Centralize you wellbeing service

Easy to create and activate service portfolio you need for your company. Select from our qualified services list or create you own.

Uncover actionable insights

The data analyse gives actionable insights of you employees wellbeing and needs

Translate insights into positive wellbeing and better productivity

Data driven service portfolio development enables continuous positive wellbeing development

picture of the Coach4Pro software in computer and mobile view

Qualified Service Partners

CxO professional Oy

CxO Professional Oy is a Finnish company focused on leadership and influence development. Our mission is to enhance the effectiveness of our clients through practical methods of assessment, mentoring, training, and motivating.

Extended DISC Finland Oy

Extended DISC Finland Oy is a Finnish international company that offers a wide range of tools for the development of individuals and organizations. Globally used Extended DISC is a unique way to combine well-known theories with the needs of today’s working life.

Kuortane Olympic Training Center

The Kuortane Olympic Training Center is a center for sports, elite athletics, well-being, education, and leisure in the heart of Finland.
Kuortane OTC’s workplace well-being services bring world-class expertise to you!

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