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Business Manager feature to be released soon

Business Manager feature to be released soon   The new Business Manager tool will give service providers a better overview of their customers and services. Service providers will be able to check the performance of each service, have realtime view of all...

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Friends-feature released on Coach4Pro

Friends-feature released on Coach4Pro   The latest software update provides a new home view and brings us Friends-feature. The home view We have improved the logic and look of home view. The user interface, both in mobile and computer, is now much clearer....

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New planner tool released on Coach4Pro

New planner tool released on Coach4Pro   Coach4Pro have created a new, more intuitive way of building plans on the platform. The new planner tool allows you to create exactly the plan you want, whether it’s a personal training plan or a more generic plan for...

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Digitalisation of wellbeing services

  In this article we explain what this magic word, digitalisation, means when we speak about wellbeing services and preventive healthcare. Let’s start with digitalisation on a general level. Usually digitalisation means that we are using computers and software...

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How to coach online – Requirements and ideas

  If you’re new to the world of online coaching or if you just want to get some ideas on how to enhance your coaching business, then you have arrived to the right page. In this article we’ll go through the basics of how to coach online and what’s required to have...

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5 Reasons Why You Lose Clients And How To Solve It

The easiest way to grow your customer base is to not lose any customers I know, pretty obvious, right? Still it’s so easy to just focus on new possible customers and take the ones you already have for granted. The importance of holding on to your current customers...

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