New planner tool released on Coach4Pro


Coach4Pro have created a new, more intuitive way of building plans on the platform.

The new planner tool allows you to create exactly the plan you want, whether it’s a personal training plan or a more generic plan for larger groups of people.

It’s now possible to build up to one year long plans. An important part of the new planner function is how the publishing works. You get to choose when and how often future events are released to the client, how many days that are published at every release and on what time the publishing happens.
This means that you can e.g. create a three month long plan, which automatically releases the next training week every Friday at 8 o’clock.

If you need to change something in your clients’ plan, simply edit the plan in the planner tool, release the update and Voilà! Now all subscribers to the plan have your freshly updated version.

It is also possible to attach a plan to a coaching service, which means that when new clients log in, they will have the plan already activated and inserted into their calendar.


The planner is a part of the improved Coach4Pro platform, which means it can be used by all coaches without any extra cost. You can find the planner tool as an own icon on the left side menu, or if you’re using a smartphone, under the top right options button.

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