First of all, I would like to thank all our partners, and our customers and their clients for this past year. We have experienced another year with the COVID-19 pandemic and all its challenges, but in spite of that, we were able to serve our customers and grow.

The City of Vantaa had just finished their health promotion program last October, and I am glad to announce that the results were quite positive. The program, a collaboration with Coach4Pro, shows and confirms that a well-organised lifestyle coaching can improve participants’ quality of life as well as bring significant savings for the city. Taking into account that the health program was carried out during COVID-19 when meetings face-to-face were not possible makes the results even more impressive. This case proves the value of well-designed programs and mentors in a remote coaching setting. Let’s face it, we need human-to-human contact, and remote coaching enables this.

The challenge of not having physical meetings had affected many corporate wellness programs. As the pandemic restrictions prompted limitations on a number of new projects, our coaching platform helped to continue to deliver on-going projects remotely and successfully. Remote coaching became the normal way to work and was warmly welcomed and appreciated by the participants.

From a personal training perspective, year 2021 has shown the true value of online coaching. I am very happy for our customers who were able to continue their high quality coaching, and in most cases were able to grow their businesses.

We have also expanded our ecosystem by collaborating with the Lapland University Of Applied Sciences and the University of Turku. We look forward to building a healthier, sustainable future together with these organisations.

Our development team has once again delivered significant improvements to the platform. The development of our platform, with the new Business Manager-tool at the front, enables our customers to manage their services and clients better than before.

We are eagerly looking forward to year 2022. We’re already working to bring an updated reporting tool, and subsequently provide support for more platform languages. Another highly interesting project scheduled is a new interface for algorithms (AI). These algorithms can provide assistance for instructors and coaches to better serve their clients. On top of these, a number of new minor functions are also planned. Our team is committed to continuously developing a platform that will greatly please our customers and their clients.

Once again, thank you for this year!

Wishing you a successful and exciting new year,

Mikko Koskela
CEO, Coach4Pro
+358 40 060 3209


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