Lapland University of Applied Sciences has taken the Coach4Pro platform into use.
The platform will be used in connection of remote coaching studies. Contract is signed for three years.

Tommi Haapakangas, Senior Lecturer in Sports, Lapland UAS:
“Through the co-operation we have an up-to-date coaching platform. It will be used to enhance learning and how to interact efficiently with customers. Remote coaching skills are a must for coaches in sports and wellness.”

Mikko Koskela, Coach4Pro:
“Based on our experience, we know that using our platform saves the instructors’ time for actual coaching work and improves the customer experience. Remote coaching is part of a professional instructor’s tool box.”


More info:

Mikko Koskela, CEO
+358 40 060 3209

Lapland UAS
Tommi Haapakangas, Senior Lecturer in Sports
+358 40 526 4506