To provide personal wellness programs for each and every customer


Difficult to efficiently deliver personal coaching for large amounts of people 


Large scale personal coaching is now easier than ever

Solid foundation

Kuortane Olympic Training Center has for several decades offered well-being services for companies. Tero Viinamäki has worked with well-being services since 2015, being responsible for the services since 2017.

-Kuortane has a large pool of experts. The customers can trust that the services are based on the best know-how in the field, Tero explains.

– Being an Olympic Training Centre in Finland gives a credible reputation. The customers experience the services as good quality for the price. The programs are always individual and are meaningful and easy to access.


Tero Viinamäki has worked with Kuortane’s corporate well-being services since 2015.


Looking forward to the future

The most important target is to grow, which has been fulfilled for the last four years.

– The near future looks good, once we have passed through this COVID-19 period. We are looking for growth in Finland, expanding internationally is not in the scope yet. We need to offer our services nationwide, since a lot of our customers also operate nationwide. Another goal is to get more versatile well-being programs, Tero comments.

Remote coaching is turning out to be more and more important. The last five years has seen remarkable growth in web-based coaching and online services.

– We at Kuortane believe in a close relationship between coach and customer. This relationship is fundamental for being successful in coaching. I am convinced that also the communication between coach and customer will happen through different applications. Customers will still get guidance and encouragement from the coach, but the form is just different, Tero says and continues smiling,

– Maybe one day a hologram-coach will guide the customer in the gym!

Learnings from COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed how companies think about working remotely. Outside the capital area remote work has not been very popular. Many companies have thought that it does not suit them. COVID-19 has compelled many companies to work remotely.

– In our measurements we have observed that the stress-levels of people have diminished while working remotely. It seems that everyday life becomes easier, now that you do not have to worry about traveling to work. Employers who has had negative thoughts about remote work are now planning how to continue it after COVID-19.


The Kuortane wellness program “Omaksi Parhaaksi” (For your own good)


Kuortane and Coach4Pro

When talking about the co-operation with Coach4Pro, Tero has a clear view.

– The Coach4Pro benefits are best seen when implementing individual coaching. It’s now pretty easy for us to do versatile and personal programs for many people. Coaching is always individual. If we have 100 customers, we need 100 distinct plans. One size does not fit all, Tero points out and continues,

– With the help of Coach4Pro, individual remote coaching becomes possible. The customers feel that their program is special and that no-one else has a similar program. The coach is in your pocket, and tells you what to do. With the latest features of Coach4Pro, coaches will save a lot of time in routine tasks and they can concentrate on creating personal plans.
Our coaches like to use Coach4Pro. Usability is top notch, and creating programs is easy and fast. Lots of tasks can be automated, and the software is versatile, Tero states.

Final thoughts

– Four years ago we chose our philosophy to be individual coaching. We had really strong preconceptions on remote coaching, but this all has changed since we took Coach4Pro into use. We can still coach individually, and now even better than before. In fact it has strengthened our coaching philosophy in practice, Tero concludes.


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