Individual coaching to everyone regardless of situation.


Challenging to efficiently deliver individual coaching at an affordable price.


Individual coaching is now easier to handle, which has allowed a larger client base.

Löpcoachen Sverige is a company offering personal running coaching online.

– We started our coaching as a running club, with several joint events every week. Quite fast we realised we had to change how we offered our coaching, says Jörgen Hallberg, owner of the company.

The challenge was to provide personal coaching for everyone regardless of their life situation.

– The truth is that only few people can commit to joint trainings every week. It makes individual coaching very challenging, says Jörgen and continues,

– We have offered online-coaching since 2017. We started with selling personal training programs on our website. That’s were it all began.

Löpcoachen Sveriges running coaching is always based on the client’s needs and wishes. Providing real personal coaching at an affordable price turned out to be a challenge. Löpcoachen needed to find a better way of working with the clients. A way that would be more efficient and time-saving for the coach.

– We realised we had to start using some online tool to make our work easier. Initially we thought about creating our own app, but when we got in contact with Coach4Pro we immediately felt it was the way to go. I can safely say that I’m happy we chose to use Coach4Pro instead, Jörgen states.

“Coach4Pro is perfect for individual coaching”

– The app really saves time for me as a coach. I’m now helping more people than before. And I help them regardless of my location. I’m not tied to a specific time and place anymore, but can do the coaching when it suits me.

From an economical point of view, Coach4Pro has been a great choice for Löpcoachen Sverige. The clients are now staying longer than before, and the drop-out rate is much lower. It also allows him to offer different kind of services depending on the situation.

– Clients can choose different levels of coaching. If they just want to use a general training program and get comments and feedback from me, the coaching is really affordable.

– After a while they might want to get personal coaching for half a year, and later go back to the cheaper general program again. There is always a solution, instead of fully leaving the coaching. This has helped me to serve my customers better regardless of their situation in life, Jörgen states.

Jörgen Hallbergs goal is to have 100 clients in Coach4Pro, of which 40 would be coached individually. He’s confident in reaching the goal in two years.

– Coaching in general is moving more and more online. The society is changing. People will be working more from home. They want to have access to coaching whenever and wherever they are. In the long run, having an online coaching tool like Coach4Pro is a necessity, Jörgen finishes.


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