Offer more people affordable and good quality online coaching


The time it took to handle the clients drove pricing up and quality down


After three months they increased their client capasity by over 30%

Rafael from Löpskolan

The Swedish company Löpskolan, with Rafael Askros as CEO and head coach, is a company that provides running coaching online all over Sweden. Since 2012, they have helped clients to become better runners.

Löpskolan believes in teaching and mentoring the client as an individual, and points out that there is no quick fix when it comes to training. The main focus with their coaching is to create an independent client, who can take care of his or hers training life without the need of any external coaching.

– To make ourself needless so to speak, says Rafael Askros.

– Back in 2012, we held a lot of running courses all around Sweden. Our coaching was mostly personal training face to face with the clients. Nowadays we do almost no face to face coaching, says Askros.

– We have chosen to work with online training for several reasons. When online training is done correctly, is becomes very cost-effective for both the client and us. We seldom meet the client, because there is no need for it. When there are activities that needs actual meetings and check-ups, such as running tests and analyses, we have good cooperations with professionals who does that part.


Löpskolans goal is to expand the business so that more people can enjoy coaching without it getting very pricy or suffer from low quality. They want to scale in such a pace, that they can control the client path and be sure that the quality of their services stays at a good level.

Askros realised that the goals he had put for his company were not going to be achieved without a change in the way they worked. They needed a software to handle the clients.


– We wanted to work with a software company that had the same aspiring ambitions and willingness to work as we had. Without the Coach4Pro platform we would not be able to serve our customers the way we want to.

– Coach4Pro has made it possible for us to expand our company and we are closer than ever to achieve our highly set goals. Thanks to Coach4Pro, we have been able to significantly reduce the time it took for us to plan and communicate with our clients. Earlier we had to use several different programs and channels with the clients, now we only use one!

– Since we started using Coach4Pro, we have noticed that the risk of making a mistake, for example allocating the wrong training to the wrong client, has been reduced. This is thanks to the Coach4Pro interface, which makes it easy to get a nice overview of all the clients and the content.

– We have been able to serve approximately 30% more clients since taking Coach4Pro in use, and after we have clarified and standardised the way we work, we are looking at bigger numbers for sure, says Askros.

– We at Coach4Pro are happy about our well-functioned cooperation with Löpskolan. They are looking at a great future, a future that we get to be a part of, says Linus Nynäs, Account Manager at Coach4Pro.


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