Heads up - dig deeper into data with upcoming analysis tool

The new data analysis tool lets you dig deeper into data and analyse correlations with different measurements. In addition, the upcoming tool helps you to create graphical presentations by using basically any data inside the Coach4Pro system you have permission to access. The analytics can be saved...

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Coach4Pro mukana Velotour-tapahtumassa!

Coach4Pro osallistuu Velotour-tapahtumaan Helsingin Velodromilla ensi viikonloppuna 26.-27.8.

Tule Coach4Pro:n ständille juttelemaan niin laitetaan valmennusasiat kerralla kuntoon!!

Samalla voit osallistua arvontaa, jossa voit voittaa Wobble:n urheilijoille suunnatun DNA-testin tai Extendend D...

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TomTom can now be connected to Coach4Pro application!

We have some great news to share with you! Coach4Pro can already be connected with Garmin, Polar and Suunto Sport devices but now we have integrated TomTom to our system as well. Forget the hustle, just connect the sport watch to Coach4Pro app and all the training data will automatically transfer to...

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New version of Coach4Pro iOS application has been released

First we updated the Android version, and now it is IOS’ turn. What's new in version 2.8.6:

  • Now you can view statistics reports from yourself, your team and people that has granted you permissions.
  • Team and User views have been redesigned.
  • We have now a new edit button to modify your pictures...

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Android release

Our coders have been working hard lately; we just released our new Android version v3.5.0! It includes some fresh features, now the user is able to see comprehensive team, user and group statistics reports also on her/his phone. In addition, the team, user and group interfaces have been renewed whic...

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